What we can do for you?

We currently offer five types of services:

Outsourcing of Financial Services and Interim Management

To cover the important needs of the company, and replace or complement the company's key positions, without assuming future costs commitments and at very reasonable fees.

Accounting and Auditing Services

To support the needs of both internal and external audit.

We currently offer five types of services:



It's an external service within the financial area of the organization, which fits perfectly with the specific needs of each firm. We offer part-time professionals, either for a specific project, or an open one, without incurring in labor commitments or facing excessive costs for a necessary and best quality job for your organization.

Our services include the whole related to financial management, controlling and reporting of the company, considering these features, as key points for the control of resources and economic information of the firm.

  • Financial Interim Management in companies that do not make use of this position.
  • Organization of the processes related to the finance and economic areas of the firm.
  • Implementation of internal procedures
  • Reporting issues to management or Head Office
  • Control and management dashboards
  • Cost control of productive activity


The audit in our country, and more specifically the professionals who developed it, have been witnessed in the last years of the evolution and important changes which this activity has been involved in, with a direct impact in this business.

Our audit team has adapted to new market needs and new legal regulations to provide a quality service, taking on a collaboration commitment with our customers.Statutory Audit is a core business within the services provided by HyC Consulting, being registered, for that purpose, in the Spanish Register of Auditors (ROAC). .

Other audit and accounting services provided by HyC Consulting, further to the above mentioned, include, between others:

  • Ongoing accounting advice.
  • Preparation of financial statements, budgets and cash flows forecasts.
  • Preparation of special reports that require the figure of an external and independent expert (company and shares valuation, capital stock, etc.).
  • Organization of Internal Audit: Internal Control assessments and development of administrative and accounting manuals.


  • Customer satisfaction analysis through qualitative research where we analyze what attributes are valued in the company
  • SWOT analysis..
  • Benchmark studies, best practice.
  • Analysis of fix and dynamics business.
  • Internal working procedures, with a direct relationship with internal audit.


We consider essential a correct tax planning, with compliance with the current tax system, optimizing the taxation of our customers. We are associated with tax specialists, to thereby be able to offer these services with the best guarantees.

  • General tax advice.
  • Management and processing of tax returns: income tax, VAT, Intrastat, etc.
  • Commercial contracts (Debt recognition, rendering services)
  • Attendance at Meetings.
  • Legal advice in commercial law: Set up, modification, transformation, dissolution and liquidation of companies.
  • Commercial and legal obligations: official books, financial statements, announcements and invitations, celebration of Boards of directors meetings and preparation of minutes and certifications.


We complement our portfolio of services through our strategic alliances in the following fields:

  • Company valuations
  • Merger & Acquisitions: Purchase and Sale Mandates, sale/purchase of assets, Joint-ventures, Sales of subsidiaries or non-strategic activities, Capital restructurings, spin-offs, etc.
  • Financing: Financing search for high leveraged transactions. Refunding of existing debts, crowd funding for specific projects or working capital, etc.

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